High Desert Museum


Nestled in the heart of the captivating High Desert region of Central Oregon, the High Desert Museum stands as a living testament to the rich history, diverse wildlife, and stunning landscapes that define this unique ecosystem. A captivating blend of history, art, and natural wonders, the museum invites visitors on a journey through time and nature, offering an immersive and educational experience like no other.

Founded in 1982, the High Desert Museum has become a beloved cultural and educational institution just outside Redmond, Oregon. Spanning over 135 acres, the museum’s campus itself is a harmonious blend of natural beauty and human ingenuity. It showcases a remarkable collection of indoor and outdoor exhibits, all designed to celebrate and preserve the wonders of the High Desert.

The museum’s indoor galleries house an impressive array of exhibits that showcase the region’s history, cultural heritage, and natural wonders. Visitors can step back in time and explore the history of the Native American tribes that have inhabited the area for thousands of years. From traditional dwellings to authentic artifacts, the exhibits offer an immersive glimpse into the daily lives and rich traditions of the indigenous peoples.

A walk through the museum’s halls takes visitors on a journey through the region’s pioneer history, where they can learn about the challenges and triumphs faced by the early settlers. With captivating displays and interactive exhibits, visitors gain insight into the ingenuity and resilience of those who carved a life in the harsh High Desert landscape.

The High Desert Museum also offers an exceptional exploration of the area’s natural wonders and diverse wildlife. Life-like dioramas and interactive exhibits showcase the flora and fauna that call the High Desert home. From elusive bobcats and agile river otters to majestic raptors and reptiles, the museum’s wildlife exhibits provide a close encounter with the region’s most fascinating inhabitants.

Beyond the indoor galleries, the museum’s outdoor area offers an enriching experience amidst the High Desert’s untouched beauty. Meandering nature trails wind through the landscape, inviting visitors to explore the diverse habitats and enjoy breathtaking vistas of the Cascade Mountain range. Along the way, they can encounter rescued birds of prey and learn about the museum’s conservation efforts to protect these magnificent creatures.

The High Desert Museum is more than just a repository of artifacts and wildlife displays; it is an active participant in community education and conservation. Engaging and educational programs for all ages encourage visitors to develop a deeper appreciation for the High Desert’s delicate ecosystem and the need to protect it for future generations.

For those seeking a truly immersive and enlightening experience in the heart of the High Desert, the High Desert Museum in Redmond, Oregon, offers an unparalleled adventure. It is a place where history comes alive, where art merges with nature, and where the wonders of the High Desert are celebrated and preserved in all their splendor.


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