Why Choose RMC Painting Pros?

As painting contractors located in central Oregon, we specialize in both residential and commercial painting services. Whether you require repainting the walls of your office or refreshing the exterior of your home in Bend, you can rely on our experienced team to ensure the job is completed to your satisfaction.

Our Promise to You

In this digital era, it has become effortless for anyone to discover information about individuals or businesses through a simple web search. At RMC Painting Pros, we recognize this reality and endeavor to meet every customer’s expectations fully. We go the extra mile to ensure that each project is executed with utmost precision. Our commitment is rooted in leveraging our industry expertise to deliver time-tested products and painting techniques. Additionally, we maintain an honest sales approach, devoid of any deceptive tactics, and strive to provide impeccable finished products.

Transparency and integrity lie at the heart of our business philosophy. We firmly believe in maintaining an honest sales approach, free from any deceptive tactics or hidden agendas. We aim to establish a genuine connection with our clients, ensuring that they have a clear understanding of the entire process. By fostering open communication and providing accurate information, we strive to build trust and cultivate long-lasting relationships.

Our Mission


“To surpass customer expectations through our exceptional craftsmanship, extensive knowledge, and meticulous attention to detail.”

Our Customer Success Team

We carefully select highly qualified employees who are the perfect fit for your specific needs. We also believe in providing a living wage to our employees, recognizing the cost of living. Our philosophy is that happy employees with the right skill set result in satisfied clients.

Our Guarantee

At RMC Painting Pros, we are passionate about the quality of our work. We take immense pride in the finished products we deliver in offering one of the best warranties in the industry. Our aim is to surpass your expectations, so if anything is amiss, please inform us. Each exterior paint job includes a warranty covering defects and paint failure. For further details, inquire about our comprehensive warranty tailored to your project. Rest assured, you will always receive the warranty in written form.

Cabinet Painting

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