questions to ask a painter

When it comes to painting homes and commercial buildings, it can give a major upgrade to the building. Customers need painters with years of experience because it’s going to be the paint job on the building whether it’s a house, shop, or whatever that can make or break the overall value. Real estate is a major investment and the building itself on the land greatly matters. This goes for interior painting as well as the outside of the property.

It’s important to ask questions, stay informed and to do thorough research when looking to hire a painting contractor for the job.

This includes preparing some questions for them. Questions to ask a painter can include the pricing, the process, and others that are not only going to give clarity to you but will give you peace of mind on which painting contractor is the best for your specific project.

 1. What painting materials will you be using?

One thing to ask your painting contractor is going to have to be about materials. The materials that are going to be used to paint your home or commercial building are not only going to affect the appearance but also how long the paint will last. It’s important to keep yourself informed on what may be needed so you have an understanding of what the painting contractor is saying or recommends. Some ingredients are highly expensive and this is going to be a part of the bill. Many contractors can take advantage of you and claim that they’re needing to use higher quality materials that aren’t necessary so they can overcharge for their services and materials.

2. Can you tell me about your work experience?

It helps a lot to have an understanding of the company or the painting contractor’s background. You can ask questions such as how long they’ve been in business, why did they choose this business, etc. Finding a good painting contractor will help in the long run, especially if you’re going to have to have your home or commercial building repainted in the future (or anywhere else that needs to be painted).

3. How will communication with you and your team be?

This answer is going to heavily vary whether or not you have chosen a painting company or an individual contractor. It’s important to ask about the communication process, ideally during one of the first meetings you’ll be able to get an estimation of how much the project is going to cost, what will need to be prepared, and what possible materials are going to be needed. You must be kept in the loop during the whole process of the project. So stay informed and don’t be afraid to be clear about your communication expectations.

4. Do you have commercial insurance?

You should ask whether or not the company or painting contractor has both insurance as well as a license. Insurance is going to protect both you and the contractor. This means if any accidents happen, you’re not going to be responsible for them. Usually, contractors will give you the insurance company information, if not, ask for it.

You need to call the company to confirm that the insurance that the contractor has is valid. The main two types of insurance are Workmen’s Compensations and Comprehensive Business Liability. These are both going to protect you from property damage and you in the off chance that the contractor has an accident. This is also going to prevent you from having any fines too.

5. Ask if a warranty is included?

You can expect that most contractors and companies will offer a warranty, usually, it’s a one-year period. It’s still important to ask this rather than assume. Warranties are going to help you out, especially after a harsh season or bad weather.

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