tips for hiring a painting contractor

If you’ve got a painting project that needs finishing ASAP, don’t rush into choosing a contractor!

First, you need to make sure you’ve found the right painters to work with, and you can do so using the tips below. Here are 7 top tips for hiring a painting contractor

Try to secure referrals

If friends and family have had painting work done recently, talk to them first. Find out who they worked with and get the true lowdown about the quality of work. Finding contractors this way ensures you can trust the source.  

Sketch out your decorating plan

You need to know what you want a painter to do. Do you need any exterior work finished? Do you need your living room or bathroom entirely redecorated? Or do you need a mix of both? Get your plan down on paper before moving on. If you need a painting contractor who can do more than one service, this is where you make that decision.  

Look into their license

If they’re a licensed contractor, they’re insured. This means they’re perfectly safe to come into your home to do redecorating work. Proper coverage like this means everyone present on site has the means to be there and takes the job they’re doing seriously. You should be able to find this information through your State’s government website.  

Be comfortable with how they communicate

You need to find a painting contractor easy to talk to. Indeed, the best painting company out there is one that can communicate with you on your level. Not only are they proactive with communication, but they see your vision for the project you’ve sketched out.  

Talk to their previous customers

If you’re able to, get in touch with previous customers that have left testimonials. Ask them about the work they had done, how long it took, and if there was any trouble with on-site behavior. After all, if a contractor is known for leaving big messes behind them, you should discount them from the hiring pile!  

Ask about any toxicity concerns

When talking to a prospective painter, ask about what paints and materials they’ll use during the job. Some can be toxic to breathe in, and if you’ve got kids or pets on site, this can be a big worry.  

Get all quotes in writing

The final step in hiring painting contractors is getting a quote. But don’t just get one. Make sure you go around three or four different companies and get them all in writing. You need a serious estimate to work off of, and proof that there was an agreed-upon price just in case a dispute arises later on

Work with a professional who knows what they’re doing

If you want to hire painting contractors you can trust, talk to us at RMC Painting Pros. We can offer both advice and our services.

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